• Learning Your Instruments
  • The Frame as Stage
  • Modes of Working
  • Composing the Frame
  • Camera Motion
  • Transferring Energy
  • Temporal Emphasis
  • Spatial Emphasis
  • Editing Comparatives

    ChoreoVideo (Kawr-ee-o-Vid-ee-oh) v-n (a verb/noun hybrid)

    1. The act of making dances for the video medium
    2. A blending of art and technology that results in a videodance, cinedance, screendance, dance film, etc.
    3. Planned or executed organization of camera movement and video editing resulting in a work of dance art
    "The dance of the future will be a new movement, a consequence of the entire evolution which mankind has passed through.”
    From The Art of the Dance (1928) by Isadora Duncan